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Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform. It has some unique features and boasts of Coca-Cola, Nestle, Burger King and BevMo amongst its largest users. It provides a basic theme for setting up an e-commerce website. Magento themes are interchangeable without any loss of content. Magento also allows simultaneous management of multiple store fronts from a single admin panel. Every website developer wants his website to be the best in the category with the latest features and attractions for visitors. But, in an e-commerce website, creation of the visual effect of a store is an additional requirement. Magento Theme comes to the rescue here. Magento Theme is a combination of templates, layout and locale and this combination can create the desired effect. Awesome Magento Themes can satisfy even the most demanding customers. They are available for download at attractive prices. They cover a wide range of products and services such as lingerie, furniture, fashion, gardening, jewelry, medical equipment, apparel, interior designing, home décor, hair salon, handbags, cosmetic store, drug store and swimwear etc. Interactive Magento Themes can also be had in categories like games, entertainment, tickets and toy store etc.

10 stylish magento templates

Music Magento Theme - Gear Store Magento Theme


Magento themes are design mock ups that provide a full-fledged demonstration of a website appearance and functional features for an estore created on the basis of Magento eCommerce platform. To present your online business the best way possible you will need an appealing website design. Magento themes, manufactured, are a wise investment that will bring dividends down the road. In case you still hesitate if Magento is the optimum solution for your business project, have a better look at some of the features it has to offer. If you want to try a hand in putting up a Magento based online store, download a Free Magento 1.8 Bootstrap 3.0 Template. Please mind that this free sample is a learning aide and is not meant for commerical use. You can have a test-drive of this product before purchasing a web layout of your choice.

With the ever growing popularity of the Internet, a large number of websites are being developed and launched every day. Earlier, the websites were developed by specially trained web developers, programmers or designers. But that is not the case anymore. And additionally, the websites are expected to be visitor friendly, informative, useful and also interactive, if possible. Today, even a non-technical person can build his website or blog. A whole lot of relevant information including step-by-step guides are available on a multitude of websites. Hundreds of e-books, many of them free, are available on the subject to guide a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) enthusiast . He can choose out of hundreds of ready to use themes, templates and plug-ins to build, launch, maintain and update his website. Content management system (CMS) providers like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and others have kept ease of use in the forefront. They serve you almost everything that you need in the readymade form with 24/7 free service support.

14 Entertainment Magento Themes

Magento Themes - Games Responsive Magento Theme

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Fashion –  Magento themes

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