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Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform that is very heavily used so Magento offers just a really great out of the box feature is that a lot of other content management systems or are even e-commerce specific.

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Ones you’re going to have to build it yourself not to mention they just do it in a really elegant way and it allows for all sorts of customization there’s plenty of themes plenty of extensions online and there’s lots to learn so if you have interest in learning Magento e-commerce I suggest you watch this series we’re going to get started in this first lesson and this isn’t technically the first lesson this is going to be a point five lesson and what this is going to show you how to do is how to install the sample data that comes with Magento and we’re going to have this sample data installed so that we can really part through you know Magento with the data that they’ve given you instead of having to create a whole bunch of stuff just to show you what Magento was like and I would suggest if you are new to Magento to even installing this sample data just to be able to see how things are done on your own so to get started just go ahead and click on this download and then community edition and it’s going to take you to this page right here and here’s where you can download Magento you know you want to select your format you can just grab any of these and click download and then just a little ways down here there’s sample data and you’re going to want to go ahead and download that as well I’ve already downloaded both of those and uh just so you know I’m going to be running map pro and I don’t know if you are familiar with the map or stamp or whatever it’s all pretty much the same or even if you’re working up a server I’m working on my localhost i have a folder that i have in my documents just called Magento and that’s where all these files are going to live so if you need help with map or anything like that you let us know maybe we can do a tutorial series on man but Wars amp or any of those okay so take some time and download those files and then come back and we’ll get started ok so now that you have the files navigate to wherever they are downloaded and you’ll see that they have them here inside of this sample data folder we have an SQL file and we have a media folder we’re going to go ahead and we’re going to upload that SQL file to a database that we need to create so the first thing we want to do is create a new database if you get to your PHP my admin you can just create a new database here and we’re going to call this level Magento or level underscore match so that you can call this whatever you want whatever your mind may be naming your store ads or something just to let you know what database is going to be click Create Ok so now we have our new database and we want to import that SQL file into our database so we’re going to click import here are going to choose our file and we are going to browse to wherever that download was and then find this SQL file and click open and we’re going to click go and that’s going to import these tables into our database ok so now that you have your database installed you should see this import has successfully finished so that means your tables have been correctly added next step is moving the sample media file into your Magento folder. We’re going to cover that in the next video because I will show you how to move your magenta folder to where it needs to go and finish the installation process so in the next video make sure you would installed Magento.

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